'paranoia of the mind' is 17-year-old Lucy Gray's sixth release, following up her successful  single 'we were the scene' released just over a month ago which made it to number 15 on the Hot NZ Singles Charts.

 paranoia of the mind’ is Lucy’s most vulnerable song yet, talking about struggling with mental health, trusting yourself, and putting your trust in other people. It’s a song about losing yourself and not knowing how to find yourself again. 

This song was funded by NZ on Air, as a part of the New Music Development grant Lucy received. Recorded by AMA-nominated and APRA award-winning producers Andy and Vic Knopp in their home studio, this song is stripped back, emotionally raw, and delicate. 

The ethereal yet slightly dissonant guitar fingerpicking style is the perfect balance of evocative and relatably listenable. “There’s a very fine mark between feeling free and worrying deeply about me” is a lyric in the second verse that describes this song in a nutshell. It’s playing with the line between what’s real and what’s not. 

This song emulates Phoebe Bridger’s Punisher album, Lizzy McAlpine with hints of Chelsea Wolfe, and Emma Ruth Rundle. 


Lucy Gray is a performer, singer and songwriter from Ōtautahi, Christchurch, New Zealand. She is currently studying at Hagley School of Music. Her writing is inspired by alternative pop, pop, alternative rock & indie styles, with Lucy finding a personal harmony in the less orthodox melodic & conceptual tropes usually associated with these genres. Her music is inspired by rock, pop, indie, country and alternative styles so the themes are varied and she writes many different genres. 

She has been composing her own, original music for 6+ years using a combination of piano, guitar & MIDI instruments to compliment her vocals. With her stripped back compositions that have a delicate attention to detail, her songs tend to be constructed with strong storytelling elements along with emotional, conceptual and very reflective themes. Her lyrical construction can be likened to poetry in some genres of her songs, and other songs tell a story. Lucy also writes poetry and a variety of creative writing styles, and her music reflects that. Poetic rhyme schemes are tools that she uses consistently throughout her music. 

 In 2023 Lucy has released with visionary producing duo Victoria and Andy Knopp from the band 'The Response'. She's released in 2023 wo singles 'pretty' and 'coffee breath' and in 2022 released 'Your Name', both of which were impressively received by the public racked up over 15,000 streams total. Gray was granted a New Music Development grant from New Zealand on Air, which funded this single, along with her upcoming EP. This single follows up her 2023 singles ‘pretty’ and ‘coffee breath’, both which were impressively received by the public racking up over 10,000 streams together. ‘pretty’ even was placed on the NZ Hot New Singles Chart at #19. ‘pretty’ was also a May New Tracks feature.

She has been passionate about music from a very young age, and hopes to be able to make a career out of her own music in the years to come. She is especially passionate about being able to bring her music to life, and using music as an activism platform and to achieve a vision, and working with other people and producers has been instrumental in bringing that vision to life. 

She has worked with Jack Hegarty, a Wellington based training producer at Massey, on producing a song this year, 'Fleshwound'.  Lucy most recently was accepted into the Christchurch Music Incubators programme through Toi Ōtautahi and through that collaborated with Victoria and Andy Knopp to record and produce what will become her Debut single 'Your Name'. 

She has strong activism themes in some of her music, and has written music about climate action and taking social action for social justice, and the risks that exist if we don't act. 


climate Action

School Strike for Climate

Lucy was heavily involved in the School Strike for Climate movement and she founded the Christchurch branch of the group. The strikes in CHCH in total had over 10,000 participants calling action for climate change.

At 12 years old Lucy Alice (Lucy Gray) wrote a song about climate action and how we need to join together for action. 

She went on to play this song at the strikes, at National Young Leaders Day in 2019, at Festival for the Future in 2019 and on Radio with RNZ.

Lucy has also performed her own Ted x talk in Christchurch about how "Our future must prioritise climate justice". 

This image depicts Lucy meeting Jacinda Adern at her primary school in 2019 ( with the School Strike team ) to discuss how the government could act on climate change more effectively.

You can listen to a recording of Rise Up from 2019 in the bottom right corner, (site wide music player).